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WABC Kids • Play Time • Biblical Education

WABC Kids is more than just a place to occupy children while their parents are in services. We are teaching your children Biblical truths that will stay with them their entire life. We provide a safe, clean and fun atmosphere. Our volunteers are trained and equipped to inspire your child to put God first as they lead by example. Your children will experience a very interactive service full of high-energy worship, entertaining games and bible stories that will invade their hearts!

Pastor Hank and WABC has a Heart for Children and desires them to "grow in grace, and in the knowledge of our Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ. To him be glory both now and for ever. Amen"  - 2 Peter 3:18

Our Kids Church has  Basketball Courts, Play Area and our Brand New Bounce House!

Plus we have FREE ICE CREAM for kids every single week. Where was that when we were kids? Haha

WABC Kids • Biblical Education

Every Child in attendance is given a Children's Bible (Age Appropriate). The Children's will be Reading their Bibles and will also be watching Bible-Christian DVD's. There is also "Play Time" and "Coloring Time". Snacks and Drinks are also provided!

WABC uses short Children's DVD's and then talks to the Kids about what they've  just watched.       At the end of each year a Graduation Diploma is issued!

Here are some of the DVD's the Children watch:

The NEST Complete Learning System includes 36 entertaining, educational, and interactive DVDs which will help  train our kids to become spiritual champions! The Children's Bible stories include Jesus' most beloved Parables, the First Christmas Story, the Passion of Christ and his Jesus' Resurrection on Easter, and many more New Testament Stories.

Also included are Bible stories of Men and Women of faith from the Old Testament, including Abraham & Isaac, Moses, Queen Esther, Ruth and Elijah and Joseph, Twelve Old Testament Bible Stories in all! 

This collection of Interactive Complete Learning System DVDs includes Spanish and English audio dialog and subtitles; a 3-level Bible Quiz and more!

Davey and Goliath was a children's' television series produced by the Lutheran Church in the 1950s and 1960s and televised widely across the United States,  the Caribbean and around the world. Davey and Goliath brings moral and faith-based values to a new generation of children in lively and engaging ways!

The Great Bible Discovery Series.

Learning the Bible becomes an exciting adventure with the Great Bible Discovery Series. Host David Mead guides the way through classic stories of the Bible, explaining the action and posing questions in a fresh, entertaining way.
Each of the episodes on these three DVDs features a lively interactive approach with live action mixed with storybook style animation.

For the Bigger Kids:

Good and Evil Animated Series Video – The Good and Evil Graphic Novel - now as a professionally animated video series! Over 7 hours of dramatic content that will engage the viewer. This Deluxe Set contains all 13 Episodes plus extra Bonus Features. 3-disc DVD folio.

  • Disc One: The Beginning • Abraham • Moses • Exodus • The Kingdom

  • Disc Two: Elijah • Prophecies of Christ • The New Testament • Early Ministry

  • Disc Three: Miracles and Parables • Passover and Suffering • Resurrection and Early Church • To All the World

As a trusted Christian resource for Parents, Pastors, and Teachers, The Power Bible engages children in God’s Word unlike any other Bible Storybook. The fun-to-read, full color comic format draws kids in with more than 2000 pages of content in the Ten volume set, provides hours of exciting Biblical adventures and spiritual insight. Along their journey from Genesis to Revelation, a child will grow in their Bible knowledge and faith while experiencing God’s never-ending love.

This action-packed rendition of the world's most awesome story will capture and draw you into all the excitement. The attention-grabbing illustrations of artist, Sergio Cariello are full of rich color, dramatic shading and light, and bold designs that communicate the emotion and significance of the figures of the Bible.


With 215 fast-paced narratives in chronological order, The Action Bible makes it easier for readers to follow the Bible's historical flow as the story builds up to the thrilling climax of Christ's life. A compelling blend of clear, forceful communication with dramatic illustration creates an appeal that crosses all age boundaries and is perfect for contemporary readers.

Don't miss the vividly illustrated, fast-paced version of the most epic story ever told; your kids won't want to put it down.


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