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For Evelyn, music is her life, having obtained a Bachelor in Music and a Diploma in Creative and Performing Musical Arts at University of the Philippines Diliman and here locally obtaining an Associate Degree in Media from Nassau Community College. Evelyn has always been involved with Church and Music throughout her life. Evelyn has been Directing Choirs and Musicals through Congregational Hymns, Worship and Praise Songs using both Vocal and Instrumental Accompaniments. Evelyn is a compassionate and caring Music Director, Teacher and Leader with 20 plus years experience! She is dedicated and committed to motivate and inspire both Young and Old in their Musical abilities and to make a difference in the lives of others, all for The Glory of God!

      Music Ministry!        

 Evelyn Morin:  

WABC Music Director

Music Ministry Director Evelyn Morin
Windsor Avenue Bible Church Choir!
Windsor Avenue Bible Church Music Ministry
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